Tenant Billing

One platform for tenant billing

Regulatory compliance, utility analytics, tenant education, advanced ratio allocation, delinquency monitoring and technical meter installation are all essential parts of managing utilities. Let us help your team out.
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How it works

1. Connect your utility accounts to Nutiliti.

2. Daily, we retrieve and process all utility charges directly from providers.

3. We collect from residents directly.

4. Nutiliti automatically reconciles payments to your accounting software.

Consistency, flexibility and payment options that tenants want.

Retrieve and process all utility charges

This includes credential-based utility website PDF retrieval, email parsing, mail and submeter data.

Watch for missing bills, high variances

We’ll use this actionable data to reduce customer service issues and utility expenses.

Nutiliti invoices residents directly

This process takes the site team step-by- step through a variety of reports on the property’s utility charges including variance analysis, common areas, vacant units and resident charges.

Nutiliti answers any questions from residents

We receive all resident payments and our customer service team deals with any questions regarding high bills or other anomalies.

Deploy a market leading solution that provides accurate invoices and fair expense allocation.

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Reduce utility expenses and maximize recoupment

  • Recover water, sewer, trash, gas and/or electric expenses
  • Lower utility usage with consumption-based resident billing
  • Benchmark utility cost recovery rates across your portfolio

Manage accounts with full visibility

  • Automatically attribute incoming payments to the right residents
  • Validate bank account details to reduce failed payments with a built-in Plaid integration
  • All payments are published to the web app in real time, making it easy to monitor transaction activity

Try Nutiliti and see how smooth utility operations can be

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