Nutiliti Team

We were founded in August 2020 and are based in Austin, TX. Everyone needs utilities, dealing with them should be a choice.

"What a long strange trip its been."
- Grateful Dead

Our Team

Benji T.

Benji started Nutiliti in 2020 to bring transparency and simplicity to the consumer’s utility management journey.

You can find Benji on his skis or at a music festival or - his favorite thing - playing guitar with his hometown band in Houston.

Previously: Morgan Stanley Energy Partners, Wells Fargo Investment Banking.

Kendall C.

As a co-founder of Nutiliti and Chief Operating Officer, Kendall has been the architect of the company’s operational model.

With Kendall’s help, Nutiliti has been able to scale at pace while furthering its founding mission to help consumers manage their utilities in a frictionless way.

Originally from Houston, Kendall is a traveler at heart and spends her time out of the office outdoors: hiking, skiing, and skydiving.

Previously: Accenture - Management Consultant.

Nick W.

As a co-founder of Nutiliti and Chief Product Officer, Nick leads product strategy and innovation at Nutiliti.

In his role, Nick oversees marketing, communications, product design, growth product and data analytics.

When not working, Nick is most likely enjoying live music, watching NFL games, or somewhere in the mountains hunting for fresh powder.

Previously: Goldman Sachs - Equities Trading.

Bowden K.

As a co-founder of Nutiliti and Chief Technology Officer, Bowden leads product development and innovation at Nutiliti.

Charged with creating and executing Nutiliti’s technical vision, he is focused on designing a scalable, user-friendly solution that also places a high value on data security.

When he’s not pushing code, Bowden enjoys playing tennis and spending time with his family and friends.

Previously: Microsoft - Product.

Colin W.

Colin is a Product Operations Manager at Nutiliti.

He is an excellent chef with a passion for all things food and sports related. Family man.

Previously: Transplace - Logistics.

Daniel W.

Daniel is a Full Stack Engineer at Nutiliti.

He spends half of his time coding and the other half participating in the Web3.0 movement and trading NFTs.

Previously: EOG Resources.

Maryellen M.

Maryellen is a Billing Operations Manager at Nutiliti.  

She lives in LA with her dog, Wren. If she had her choice between being an influencer or working at Nutiliti - she'd pick Nutiliti.

Previously: KPMG.

Connor C.

Connor C. is a Full Stack Engineer at Nutiliti.

He's a ridiculous musician and everyday we wonder if he's going to get signed to a major label. Until then, we are lucky to have him in stack.

Previously: Rhodes College

Jack M.

Jack is a Product Operations Associate at Nutiliti.

Former collegiate baseball player turned ops associate legend. You wouldn't believe it but he used to throw it 90 mph+.

Previously: National Grid

Andre G.

Andre G. is a Full Stack Engineer at Nutiliti.

He loves everything related to big data and soccer. Charged with leading Nutiliti's artificial intelligence product.

Previously: SMU

Our Investors

Backed by syndicate of angels, strategic investment from Specialized Property Management, Penny Ventures, Crosstimbers Capital and Small Ventures USA, founded by William O. Perkins III

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