Utility management made easy.

Easy to set up, rigorously tested, and consistently supported by integration, Nutiliti delivers a variety of utility management solutions to your team through Buildium's leading platform.
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Utility partners and providers

Monitor activations in one place

View summary of which units have been activated Nutiliti and which haven’t due to pending action

Manage utility bill payment and reconciliation with ease.

Nutiliti automates the collection, validation, and payment of utility invoices quickly.

Reconcile payments automatically

Recover water, sewer, trash, gas and/or electric expenses and automatically reconcile payments to your property management software.

Nutiliti has integrated with Buildium to support your team's utility ops.

Use our flexible, scalable platform to manage utilities however your team needs all supported through our robust integration with Buildium.

Utility Billing - Expense Recovery

Nutiliti provides a solution focused on reducing utility expenses for your portfolio while enhancing the tenant experience. We handle the entire bill-back process, including answering billing-related resident phone calls.

Activations and Deactivations

Nutiliti will handle all aspects of utility activations and deactivations on your behalf. Your renovation team can't complete construction until homes have power, gas and running water. We'll handle it.

Utility Expense Management

Remove the utility accounts payable burden from your team with our comprehensive utility expense management services. We obtain, process, audit, and pay all of your provider invoices.

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