The Basics!

What is Nutiliti?

Nutiliti is a utility management service that handles setup targeted at college students / young professionals in single family homes / apartments with multiple roommates. Nutiliti is a UaaS (Utility-as-a-Service) company. With user permission, Nutiliti takes care of utility setup and bill splitting for the user. At the end of each month, the user only pays their portion of the bill.

How do I know if Nutiliti is right for me?

You are:
- Anxious about whether your utilities have been setup correctly before you move
- Frustrated with bearing the financial responsibility for all of your roommates
- Tired of paying four different utility bills every month

You want:
To view all your utility bills in one place
- To understand what you’re paying for
- To ensure the money you send to your kids for utilities is being spent appropriately

Then, yes - we are absolutely right for you!

Why does Nutiliti need my Social Security number?

Utilities run a soft credit check during setup which requires your full legal name, social security number and date of birth.

Some providers also use this information to determine if they require a security deposit.

How much does Nutiliti cost?

$1 is added to each utility bill to cover the costs of the products and services we provide, such as 24/7 customer support.

Whose name is on the utility accounts?

The first person to sign up the house has the utilities setup in their name. If this person moves out of the house, we can transfer utilities to another roommate.

How long does it take for my utilities to turn on?

This will vary based on when you signup and the utility providers in your area. Some utilities have same day turn around, some require a service technician to visit your home. Most utilities don't operate on weekends so setup is pushed to the next business day.

We always do our best to make sure your lights are on by move in day.

How do I know Nutiliti has set up my utilities?

We will send a confirmation email to you when all utilities have been set up.

Billing / Payment Questions

What is a prorated bill?

A prorated bill is where a resident only pays the percentage of the bill according to the amount of days their lease was active during the billing cycle. Bills are typically only prorated when someone moves in or out during the middle of a billing cycle. If a bill is not prorated, roommates divide the percentage evenly no matter how many days they were physically present in the unit.

Is my bill prorated?

If you use Nutiliti on your own and the utilities are in your or your roommates' name, the bill would also be pro-rated! The bill is pro-rated based on start/end dates and the usage of the bill.  If the roommates have agreed to different percentages or to remove someone from the bill, they can contact us to request that change!

Why a payment would be returned:

NSF = Nonsufficient Funds

No Account/Unable to Locate Account = The account info entered is incorrect.

Non-transaction Account = This usually occurs when a savings account is added to the profile rather than a checking account. Some savings accounts are not approved for online utility payment transactions.

Why can't I pay my bill?

There are a few reasons it might appear that way!·

Not able to access your account to pay the bill? You may have started a new sign-up for the same address, or need to update your payment method on the account. It will not immediately charge your account when you input the information. Once you complete the sign-up, or update the account, you will be able to access the bill!·

Is there an amount listed, but not a way to pay? You have an existing balance. No worries! The remaining balance will carry over to the next billing period, or you can give us a call to make that payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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