We handle everything related to your utilities.

We're here so you never think about what happens when your roommate forgets to pay the water bill, doesn't set up the right utilities, divides by the wrong amount, refuses your venmo request, uses stale credit card info on the auto-pay, can't figure out if you have a water leak etc...

Nutiliti manages all facets of a customer's utility management


We make sure everything is connected when you get to your new place


We send each roommate one monthly bill so you can pay with a click

Bill Retrieval

We track down every bill so you never have to login to another portal again

Billing Review

We make sure every bill is correct

Move Out

We'll make disconnecting seamless.

Consumption Monitoring

We let you know if you're using too much electricity

Provider Selection

We choose the companies that are right for you.

All your utilities in one place.

A utility management service that combines all of your utility needs in one platform.

Our users get to save one of their most precious resources: time.