How does it work?

Transform the way you manage utilities with one place for everyone and everything you need to get stuff done.

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If you have not yet set up your utilities ahead of move-in, download our app from app store.

  1. Determine what utilities need to be setup in your name ( ask landlord, leasing office, previous tenants, etc..)
  2. Input relevant information, i.e move-in data, address, utilities

We Turn On Utilities

We'll schedule the set ups with the utility providers (electricity, gas, water, internet, and cable)

  1. We look for lowest cost providers in your region
  2. If we need additional information that provider needs, we'll inform you.

If your utilities are already on.

You can skip the above and start below.

Link Your Credentials

If you have already set up your utilities yourself, link your utility provider accounts to Nutiliti.

  1. Link your credentials through Nutiliti app
  2. When you link a utility, a Nutiliti payment method is added to the utility account.
  3. If we can't access your utility account due to invalid credentials we will notify you.

Nutiliti Pays Your Invoices

Nutiliti pays all bills directly to utility provider.

  1. We monitor each utility portal daily for new invoices.
  2. Nutiliti pays the bills on or before the due date. Do not pay any invoices!
  3. Sometimes your utility provider will post a new bill on their website but you have yet to get a new Nutiliti invoice, that means we are waiting on other utility bills to be released.
  4. As invoices are posted, we will post them in the app. We won't make you late on any of your bills, so don't worry!

Nutiliti Charges Each Roommate

Each tenant will be responsible for their portion

  1. We charge each roommate using the stored payment method on their account.
  2. The percentage split can be adjusted by the lead tenant.
  3. If a roommate fails to pay, the other roommates are responsible for paying their share.

Nutiliti is your all-in-one utilities app.

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