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Understanding TDSP Charges: How They Impact Your Electricity Bill

In this blog post, we will explain what TDSP charges are, how they are calculated, and why they are essential to the reliable delivery of electricity to your property.

Who to Contact in the Event of a Power Outage in Texas

When a power outage occurs in Texas, it's essential to know who to contact to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Renew Your Contract or Shop For Another - Don't Forget!!

Don't sleep on your renewal process. Providers want you to forget its coming up.

Don't Let These Common Reasons Make You Overpay for Electricity

There are several common reasons why consumers end up getting wrecked by their electricity bill.

Don't Get Teased and Squeezed by Electricity Providers: Protect Your Wallet

A lot of providers are counting on you to forget to renew your contract so they can put you on an expensive variable rate plan.

No Electricity Provider Will Save You From a Power Outage

Your electricity provider doesn't have any impact on how reliable your power is gonna be. They just set the price and handle your bills.

How Do Electricity Providers Make Money?

Understanding how your retail electricity provider makes money is important when you see different rates across providers.

Don't Get F*cked by a Variable Rate Plan

In an effort to protect consumers from the unpredictable nature of variable rate plans, Nutiliti: Energy Choice has taken a unique approach by only offering fixed-rate products on its platform.

Failing to Renew Your Electricity Plan Can Cost You Big Time!

Many REPs have a business model that counts on you forgetting to renew your contract. Don't let that happen - use Nutiliti for reminders!

Usage-Dependent Rates: A Trap for Unsuspecting Energy Consumers

Comparisons between providers are often based on usage-dependent rates, credits, or charges, which can be misleading and result in higher bills.

Why Energy-Only Rates from Utility Providers are Misleading: Understanding Energy and Delivery Charges

Why Energy-Only Rates from Utility Providers are Misleading: Understanding Energy and Delivery Charges

PowerToChoose: A Misleading Platform for Electric Plan Shopping

In this blog post, we will explain why PowerToChoose can trick consumers into predatory rates and what alternative options you have for finding a better deal.

What to think about when comparing electricity plans

With so many options and plans available, it's important to consider all the factors before picking an electricity plan.

Power to Choose Texas

What is Power to Choose in Texas?

Leveraging Technology for Utility Expense Management

Technology has the ability to streamline and improve many business processes, and utility bill expense management is no exception.

What Drives Complexity In Single Family Rental Utility Management?

The single-family rental business is difficult to operate at scale. Utility management adds another layer of complexity across scattered portfolios.

What Commercial Property Owners Should Know About Utility Billing

Utility billing is being used by a rising number of business buildings to reduce utility costs and increase NOI.