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The Varsity Energy Difference: Cheap Rates and Simple Plans

Learn why Varsity Energy is a top choice for Texans looking for a cheap and no-gimmicks electricity provider. Compare rates on Nutiliti: Energy Choice.

Say Goodbye to Gimmicks: Why OnPoint Energy is a Great Choice for Texans

Check out OnPoint Energy, a new electricity provider in Texas with guaranteed rate stability, renewal re-enrollment, and no gimmicks. Find your best plan with Nutiliti: Energy Choice.

Increasing Residential Retail Electricity Choice

Nutiliti is working hard to increase consumer participation in electricity choice.

Understanding the Proposed Texas Bill SB 2012 and its Impact on the Retail Energy Market

Learn more about Senate Bill 2012 (SB 2012), which aims to regulate the retail energy market in the state

What Brands Does NRG Own?

NRG owns a variety of brands that are known for delivering high quality service.

What to do in power outage?

In the event of prolonged power outages, the entire town and economy may suffer. A power outage occurs when the electricity suddenly goes off.

Is it a good idea to handle utility billing in-house?

Handling utility billing duties can be a struggle for multifamily property owners.

Roadto500: Going on a big mission

As many of you know, we recently embarked on a cross-country journey #roadto500 to raise awareness about Nutiliti, talk to our users and interview ambassadors.