Why Choose Us

Picking a good electricity plan should be easy. Now it is.

Nutiliti is a fast, flexible and transparent way for consumers to enroll in electricity plans.
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Doing it yourself

Searching for a good plan across 50+ electricity providers is painful. This work steals away time most consumers can’t spare.

Highly curated supply

We only display fixed-rate products with no time of use or minimum usage plans. Any plan you pick on Nutiliti will never surprise you.

Efficient process

From browsing providers to selecting plans and enrolling in the plan - the whole process takes less than 5 minutes. 

Low rates

All of the rates you see on our platform are lower than what a consumer could receive on the provider's website. 


Paying for a switching service

Poorly managed switching creates a bad experience for consumers. Errors like month-to-month plans or early termination fees can lead to complaints and turnover.

Zero monthly costs

Our transaction fee is incorporated into the transaction (think DoorDash or AirBnb fee). There is no recurring subscription.


We give you all the plans and empower you to make the decision for your home. Switching platforms don't tell you how many rates they looked at.

Fewer moving pieces

You don't have to worry about which rate your provider will put you on or if its actually the best rate on the market.

Nutiliti empowers consumer to make educated decisions regarding their electricity plan.

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