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Utility management software that puts you in control

Nutiliti is a fast, flexible and transparent way for businesses to manage utilities.
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Scaling a back office team

Managing utilities comes with a lot of responsibilities for an in-house team. This work steals away resources most property managers can’t spare.

Frequent collaboration

Hands-on expertise and service across portfolio.

Quality customer service

Nutiliti provides customer service for tenants, knowledgeably addressing questions about their bills.

Efficient processes

From meter reads and data verification to invoice generation and payment collection, Nutiliti handles it all.


Building your own utility management platform

Poorly managed utility billing creates a bad experience for tenants. Errors like late invoices or unfair bills can lead to complaints and turnover.

Zero maintenance costs

We save you the cost of building and maintaining custom integrations so that you can focus on your core product.

Ready for growth

Scalable and reliable billing infrastructure that you can trust as you grow size, payment volume, or number of utility providers.

Fewer moving pieces

One place for activations, transactions,  reconciliation and utility management.

Nutiliti is one place to set up and manage utility accounts at multiple providers.

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