Utility Setup

You don't want to do it, your roommate doesn't either, parents will pay not to hear about it and your spouse may leave you if you bring it up.

Simple steps to get started.

1. Sign Up

Sign up is simple!

Download our mobile app or register through the web.

Select which utilities you need turned on.

Change in plans? Simply contact us to adjust dates, flexibility is everything.

2. Confirmation

We take it from here. Once registration is complete, your utilities will be setup within 24 - 48 hours.

Nutiliti will send you a confirmation email when all utilities are setup including the names of your utility providers.

3. Track Your Setup

Monitor which utilities have been set up in real-time and see if you need to provide any additional information to the provider.

4. Move-in

Move-in to your house with full confidence that everything works

Nutiliti is your all-in-one utilities app.

Manage my utilities