Designed for property managers, enjoyed by tenants.

From utility setups, to billing tenants, and expense recovery, Nutiliti gives you better control over utility expenses.

Why Nutiliti?

Property Manager Benefits

Drive net operating income and tenant satisfaction at properties

  • Eliminate account turn with providers
  • Eliminate utility provider late fees
  • Reduce days vacant ($100 - $300 / unit)
  • No bill and collection from residents
  • No prefunding for resident bills
  • Utilities never shut off
  • Virtually eliminate utility carrying costs

Tenant Benefits

Embracing technology to make their residential lives more convenient

  • No waiting on hold with providers
  • Convenience of all utilities in one place
  • Seamless bill splitting for roommates
  • Savings of $150-$400 – no deposit
  • Full transparency with bill information
  • Education and conservation information
  • Easily pay through mobile app

Built to Integrate

Easily integrate with your accounting software

  • Integrates with your accounting software through a two-way active sync
  • You can configure Nutiliti to import and export files to keep data, bills, invoices, and payments up to date
  • Improve team productivity, reduce manual data entry, and reconcile accounts faster

Lower Operating Expenses

Reduce utility expenses and maximize recoupment

  • Recover water, sewer, trash, gas and/or electric expenses
  • Lower utility usage with consumption-based resident billing
  • Benchmark utility cost recovery rates across your portfolio

Higher Productivity and Accuracy

Enable smarter workflows for property managers

  • Free associates from the burdens of manual utility AP process
  • Boost collections and simplify billing
  • Invoice data integrates into accounting software

More Profitable Properties

Increased NOI

  • Eliminate late fees and incorrect charges assessed by utility providers
  • Improve efficiency and savings by benchmarking your buildings’ utility usage
  • Recover money from utility theft and charge offending residents a penalty fee

Member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers

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Do you offer an integration with my current software provider?

We currently offer integrations with Propertyware, Buildium, Resman and Appfolio (depending on property). We are adding Yardi, Entrata.

What is the data download and charge file upload process?

Can take a few routes - reach out to sales to learn more.

Are your integrations through automated web services or via FTP sites?

We've done both! Most of our clients use a property management software such as PropertyWare, ResMan which we have built integrations into. However, if you don't use that software we.

Do you set up utilities?

Yes that is one of our biggest features. We set up vacant space utilities, facilitate utility transfers, shut-off resolution, and set up for acquired properties.


Is there a setup cost or any extra charges to establish an integration?


Do you bill and collect fees charged to my residents, or is that my responsibility?

We bill and collect from residents directly!

Is there an extra charge for residents to receive monthly statements via email?

Residents pay $1 per bill for the service but there is no additional charge for the way the resident receives the bill ie. email, text, app.

Vacant Cost Recovery

Are you able to bill back for vacant unit charges not promptly switched into a resident’s name?

Yes, definitely.

Do I need to change my lease structure to bill back for vacant cost recovery charges or fees?

Yes! This language is easy to implement.

Is there an additional cost to include vacant bill analysis on convergent resident statements?

This is case specific - reach out to sales to learn more.


What is the standard lead time required to become ‘live’ on your service?

We work to have your units fully onboarded within 30-60 days. If you have less than 100 units, it could be done as quickly as 1-2 weeks.

What visibility will I have into the charges being allocated or billed back to my residents?

We provide full visibility and transparency to property managers and owners.

Will I have to change my lease addendums to reflect our new billing program?

Yes, Nutiliti will provider you with the requisite addendums.


Is your system SSAE 16 audited and SOC compliant?

Yes, reach out to sales to learn more.

Will I have access to legal counsel in the event of a regulatory dispute?

Depending on the context, yes, we would provide support.

Do you have membership to regulatory boards such as the UMCA?

Yes we maintain memberships with all regulatory entities.


What analytics tools are available to view billing performance metrics?

We provide property managers with several tools to be able to view unit details.

Do you offer year-over-year trend analysis once my property has been fully on-boarded?


Are these reports available for me in real-time?