Energy Choice

Drive enrollments and own the customer relationship

Get in front of customers when they're searching for energy plans like yours on Nutiliti.
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A mock of the Nutiliti: Energy Choice mobile application

Leverage modern mobile experience

Embrace modern mobile channels and drive enrollments

Over 75% of consumers use a mobile device when shopping for goods and services. Across REPs, enrollments through digital channels has quadrupled since 2009. Leverage Nutiliti's mobile app to showcase your innovative plans and brand.

A mock of the Nutiliti: Energy Choice mobile application

Own the customer relationship

Once user enrolls in a plan, providers onboard user and handle billing

Nutiliti is not an aggregator - we provide a marketplace for consumers to enroll in electricity plans. After enrollment, providers own the customer and the month to month billing relationship.

Access multifamily and single family property managers

Ensure your brand is getting access to move-in residents at our clients' properties.

Our multifamily and single family management clients work with Nutiliti to deploy electricity provider brands at their properties. With a centralized digital application, residents no longer need to enter promo codes across different websites - driving enrollments across brands higher.

Increase retention and LTV

Push notifications and streamlined renewal drives higher retention

Providers can deliver personalized renewal rates prior to contract expiration leveraging Nutiliti apps.

Expand your coverage

Leverage Nutiliti's platform to scale offers across multiple geographies

We are motivated to increase retail consumers' participation in competitive choice states. We have a significant presence in ERCOT and we are excited to drive additional enrollments in the East, where ~31 million customers are eligible to choose, but ~21 million have stayed on default provider.