The Varsity Energy Difference: Cheap Rates and Simple Plans

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April 15, 2023

The Varsity Energy Difference: Cheap Rates and Simple Plans

Team Nutiliti

Looking for an electricity provider that offers cheap rates and no gimmicks? Look no further than Varsity Energy, a Texas-based electricity provider that was launched in 2020 by industry veterans Dung Tran, Benjamin Heard, and Austin Sumerlin.

One of the things that sets Varsity Energy apart from other electricity providers is their focus on simplicity. They only have two to three plans available at any given time, and all of their plans are plain fixed-rate plans with no additional fees or usage components. This means that you always know exactly what you're going to pay each month, making it easier to budget for your energy costs.

Another reason why Varsity Energy has become so popular is because of the quality of their management team and their principles. In fact, their customer centric focus was a big reason why Nutiliti, a leading electricity marketplace, partnered with them shortly after they launched.

Surprisingly, Varsity Energy rarely spends money on marketing. Instead, they rely on word of mouth to spread the word about their cheap rates and no-gimmicks approach. This has been especially effective in Houston, where customers in the 77024 zip code have been quick to recommend Varsity Energy to their friends and family.

Of course, Varsity Energy's popularity is not limited to Houston. Customers across Texas have been quick to take advantage of their cheap rates and simple plans. In fact, many Nutiliti users across the state have already made the switch to Varsity Energy.

If you're interested in exercising your power to choose and finding a cheap electricity provider that won't try to trick you with hidden fees or confusing plans, then Varsity Energy is definitely worth considering. And if you want to compare their rates to other providers in your area, be sure to check out Nutiliti: Energy Choice.

Finally, if you're ready to make the switch to Varsity Energy or any other electricity provider, be sure to visit Nutiliti: Energy Choice. Our electricity marketplace makes it easy to compare rates and plans from different providers, so you can find the one that best fits your needs and budget.

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Team Nutiliti