June 30, 2021

Roadto500: Going on a big mission

Team Nutiliti

As many of you know, we recently embarked on a cross-country journey #roadto500 (more detailed post to come later) to raise awareness about Nutiliti. Clear-eyed, fully vaccinated, and with masks on, we’re happy to be back together with our loyal ambassadors and our fellow Nutilinauts.

Dinner with ambassadors and friends

At the event with ambassadors and new users

There is nothing quite like sitting down with an ambassador or one of their friends and having them tell us about their experience either setting up or splitting utilities with multiple roommates. You can hear the pain in their voices, and while some of the stories are sad, many make for some funny stories.

We had one student recount one of these experiences to us the other day. Each roommate was responsible for one utility at their house, and despite two out of the three paying on time, the third roommate had left his card at the bar the week prior, canceled it, which voided the auto-pay card he maintained the water utility account he was responsible for. He didn’t realize this, and on the day of their spring formal, the water was shut off at their home. Brutal.

I suspect we’ll continue to hear horror stories like this as we traverse across the country.

This past week we knocked out a few schools in the South, capping off the week with a great event at OU. Thanks to our ambassadors for bringing their energy and a crowd that matched their enthusiasm.

Stopped by OKC 

Bummed you missed us on this stop? Don't worry. This is just the first of many events that we are planning to hold at college campuses and major cities across the country. Good times ahead.

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