Nutiliti Partners with OhmConnect Energy to Deliver Demand Response to Texas Consumers

March 12, 2023

Nutiliti Partners with OhmConnect Energy to Deliver Demand Response to Texas Consumers

Team Nutiliti

Nutiliti, a de-regulated energy marketplace and utility management platform, has recently announced a partnership with OhmConnect Energy. This new partnership will provide Nutiliti customers with access to OhmConnect's innovative demand-response model, which allows them to earn rewards by reducing their energy use during peak periods. OhmConnect Energy is currently offering 12, 14, and 22 month electricity plans on Nutiliti: Energy Choice with more plans coming!

Demand response is a crucial tool in managing the electric grid, as it helps to balance supply and demand during times of high energy usage. During peak periods, such as hot summer afternoons or cold winter nights, energy demand can spike, putting stress on the grid and increasing the risk of blackouts. By reducing energy use during these times, consumers can help to prevent blackouts and keep the grid stable.

OhmConnect's demand-response model is unique in that it is designed specifically for residential customers. By connecting their smart devices to the OhmConnect platform, users can receive notifications when an #OhmHour is about to start. During the hour-long event, users can choose to make behavioral changes, such as turning off lights and appliances, or they can allow OhmConnect to automatically turn off certain devices for them.

Users who successfully reduce their energy use during an #OhmHour earn Watts, which is the OhmConnect currency. Watts can be used to withdraw cash, enter to win prizes, or purchase smart home technology.

Nutiliti customers will now have access to the OhmConnect platform, allowing them to participate in demand-response events and earn rewards for reducing their energy use. This partnership is an exciting development for both companies, as it represents a significant step forward in the push towards a more sustainable energy future.

By leveraging technology and incentivizing consumers to reduce their energy use during peak periods, demand response programs like OhmConnect can help to reduce the need for new power plants, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and keep the electric grid stable and reliable.

In conclusion, Nutiliti's partnership with OhmConnect Energy is exciting for both companies - consumers will now be able to enroll in OhmConnect Energy's plans directly from Nutiliti: Energy Choice. By giving residential customers access to innovative demand-response technology, this partnership has the potential to drive significant energy savings and help build a more sustainable future.

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Team Nutiliti