Mobile App: Good Times Ahead

June 16, 2021

Mobile App: Good Times Ahead

Team Nutiliti

We're trying to approach the problem consumers have of managing their utilities in a totally different way by changing the angle of attack.

~90% of our customer base is part of the mobile-first generation that expects intuitive, easy-to-use, and personalized interfaces. This shapes our fundamental viewpoint; we have to build an experience that is A, different and B, designed for them by developing software specifically tailored to their needs.

Today marks our first significant milestone in delivering on that brand promise with our Nutiliti mobile app launch.

Nutiliti is already the most efficient way for consumers to set up and split their utility bills. The mobile app makes it even easier to manage your home's utilities.

Seamless utility setup during move-in

Users can quickly select what services they need and monitor the timing of their utility connections. You can:

• Select which utilities you'd like us to set up (electricity, gas, water, internet, and cable)

• Track the status and progress of each utility setup

• Invite your roommates so they can monitor progress as well

Track your set up!

Bill each roommate for their portion

When your bill is due, Nutiliti charges everyone their portion via their preferred payment method. You can split equally or by custom percentage.

You can:

• Split equally or by custom percentage

• Easily invite roommates to join your house

• Pay your portion via your preferred payment method

Nutiliti implemented this feature initially for equal roommate splits, but we've seen a variety of use cases. Daniel Clegg, a UVA college student, noted, "As someone who has roommates leaving for the summer, it was really cool that we could turn off their portion of the split."

Set your roommate split percentages!

View all of your utility bills in one place

You can:

• View upcoming and paid bills

• Monitor your usage / track spending

• Customize your house name as a natural extension of your roommate experience  

View upcoming / past bills in dashboard!

Launching the mobile app unlocks a roadmap of new features to build throughout 2021. We already have several improvements in progress, such as a "parent" view and property management tool.

We encourage you to download the new mobile app on the app store and send any feedback you think would be valuable for you.

This feedback will help us ensure we are constantly delivering the next most important features for our users!

As always, thanks for coming on this journey with us — it's just getting started.

Written by
Team Nutiliti