Energy Texas: The Customer-Focused Electricity Provider with Unique Features

April 21, 2023

Energy Texas: The Customer-Focused Electricity Provider with Unique Features

Team Nutiliti

Energy Texas is a new electricity provider that has already gained a reputation for prioritizing customer service and providing unique features for its customers. Founded in 2021 by a team with over 60 years of combined industry experience, Energy Texas is led by CEO Robbie Wright, SVP of Customer Experience Katherine Wright, CMO Liz Maberry, and VP of Supply James Malick. In this article, we'll explore the features that make Energy Texas stand out in the market.

Freedom Flex Monthly Subscription

One of the most distinctive features of Energy Texas is their Freedom Flex monthly subscription. For just $4.95 per month, customers can take advantage of Freedom Flex rates and switch to a plan that better suits their needs every 30 days. This level of flexibility is not commonly found among electricity providers and is a welcome change for customers who want to exercise their power to choose.

Sun-Jacinto Solar Buy Back Program

Another unique feature of Energy Texas is their Sun-Jacinto Solar Buy Back program. Customers with solar panels can get paid for the power generated from their solar panel system. This feature allows customers to reduce their carbon footprint by producing their clean, green renewable electricity and earn a return on their solar panel investment if they generate more power than they use.

Point-Based Reward Program

Energy Texas offers a point-based reward program that encourages customers to engage with the company. Customers can earn points for certain actions, such as on-time bill payment, autopay, paperless, and Demand Response program enrollment. These points can be redeemed for bill credits, gift cards, smart devices, and more. This program incentivizes customers to interact with Energy Texas and rewards them for doing so.

Excellent Mobile App

Energy Texas values technology, as shown by its excellent mobile app. Customers can use the app to manage their account, pay their bill, and track their energy usage. This app is an excellent resource for customers who want to stay on top of their energy usage and bills.

Billboard Advertising

Finally, Energy Texas has a billboard running on the side of I-10 in Houston, which many customers in the area may already be familiar with. This billboard has been an excellent way for Energy Texas to get its name out there and show potential customers that they are a serious player in the electricity provider market.


In conclusion, Energy Texas is an electricity provider that should be considered by customers who value flexibility, renewable energy, rewards programs, and technology. Energy Texas prioritizes the customer, with no gimmicks or hidden fees. If you're interested in enrolling in Energy Texas plans, visit Nutiliti: Energy Choice, and exercise your power to choose. With Energy Texas, you can trust that you're in good hands.

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Team Nutiliti