A New Way to Manage Utilities

March 17, 2021

A New Way to Manage Utilities

Team Nutiliti

I know how annoying it can be to manage the utility bills, because I’ve been there.


In college, I was the unlucky soul in charge of handling the bills. Each and every month, I'd click through all my online portals (electricity, gas, water, and internet) and pull the latest invoices. I'd crunch the numbers and place them into our roommate excel spreadsheet, and then… I’d figure out who owed me money.


Living with my best friends was incredible, but moonlighting as an accountant/tax collector? Not ideal. Hours of wasted time typing and retyping, checking, and then double-checking. Setting up each service at the beginning of the lease was painful, but that monthly routine was the real grind.


There’s nothing quite like hearing a roommate say, "Oh, I must have forgotten to accept your Venmo..." or "How’d we spend that much on electricity? Show me the bill."


Not only was it frustrating waiting to get paid back, but it was also awkward having to throw out constant reminders.


And my experience wasn’t unique. Whether you live in a townhome or an apartment, with roommates or solo, you’re going to have utilities and the baggage they bring. After a few hundred interviews, we’d heard horror stories from people on so many different walks of life – but their issues were remarkably similar.


Here were the most common utility complaints we came across:

Why does it take days, even weeks, to swap utilities to a new place?

No one likes to finish off a day of moving to a place that doesn't haven't have running water or electricity. Moving is stressful, and following different timelines when you’re busy stuffing your entire life into cardboard boxes? That’s a recipe for disaster.

It’s time-consuming to compile all the bills each and every month

I don’t at all miss the four or more online portals that were built in the 1980s and don’t work on mobile – or even worse, having to track down the paper bills through the mail.

Roommates that aren’t being held accountable

You signed on to hang with your friends, not to handle their finances, and certainly not for the awkward money talks.

Confusing and inconsistent billing cycles

Handling house finances is rough enough, but what if the bills roll in on different days? That’s more to track, and a few extra weird chats with the roommates.

A lack of analytics at house and roommate level

Ever had a roommate who falls asleep in the shower? Who knows how much money went down that drain, but utility providers have made it difficult for users to see where they spent their money and how to improve their usage rates.

A new way to manage your utilities

Utility management may not be the most glamorous of undertakings, but we think it's exciting to introduce new, more intelligent software into an industry that desperately needs innovation. So, we started Nutiliti.

The idea of Nutiliti is to have all the data and workflows pertaining to our customers' utilities to be consolidated on one platform.

We set up your utilities when you move-in, invoice each roommate separately as the bills come through the door, and through our intuitive dashboard, allow you to access consumption reports as well as each individual bill – all through your phone.

We thought paying bills was stressful enough without all the baggage.  So we want to put it all on autopilot. Soon, we'll be able to say, “We have an app for that!”

Over the next month, we’ll have tons of exciting announcements to share with you all, and we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride!

Written by
Team Nutiliti