Save the planet or save money?

Why not both?

Big Picture
  • The real estate industry is the world’s largest contributor to the climate crisis.
  • As tenants or owners the single-largest impact we can have towards mitigating climate change are the choices we make around real estate
How it Works
  • We will provide households with personalized information and advice to reduce their energy use and carbon emissions.
  • Users can see trends in their water, electric, and gas usage over time.
Why Now?
  • Today, carbon tracking at the consumer level is notoriously inaccurate and cumbersome.
  • Less than 10% of homes in the U.S actively measure their consumption at all.
  • Similar to tracking and goal setting apps like Mint, FitBit, and Strava, it will look similar but for utility usage.
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Compete with friends.

See if you're paying more for your utilities against others with similar living arrangements

Make smarter choices.

The app will provide a simple space for users to set goals, compete with friends, and save energy.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
the nu way to manage utilities.