Lower your energy costs. No broker required.

We provide our clients with a variety of energy solutions to secure lower commodity costs and reduce usage.
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Our Platform

If your business or facility is located in a deregulated electricity market, then you have the option to shop for power supply on the free-trading market. Many businesses take advantage of deregulated markets to better control costs and lock prices for certain periods.

Competitive Pricing

Quickly find the lowest rate

  • Access 40+ suppliers bidding for your business.
  • Easily review digital pricing reports
  • Auto-sort supplier matrices so you can quickly find a price.

Tactical Buying

Market monitoring designed to assess energy costs

  • Highlight current market conditions as compared to the historical market
  • Clear guidance when assessing opportunities by leveraging historical look-back.

Frictionless Contracting

Streamlined and intelligent digital contracting 

  • Clear product and contract language  configurations
  • Organize legal entity names, properties. meters, authorization documents and contracts.
  • From procurement to contracting to billing, our platform handles it.

Portfolio Analysis

End-to-end visibility in a single platform.

  • Monitor the overall procurement experience, optimize data, and present cost management opportunities
  • Benchmark your past procurement
  • Support budget forecasting

The new way to manage utilities

Empower your entire organization to do their best work.

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