Save $100+ on your utility bills with energy assistance programs

Nutiliti helps consumers claim utility bill credits most residents never claim.
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Variety of Programs Available to Students

We only get paid if you do.

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Big Picture
  • For the nearly 85% of college students who live off campus, rent and utilities are major costs that can add up fast.
  • Housing insecurity is widespread among today’s college students, and difficulty paying utilities is especially common.
How it Works
  • Many utility companies offer programs to lower those bills, helping students avoid financial distress.
  • Every month, we'll scan your utilities for any energy credits for free. We keep 10% of anything you save.
Why Now?
  • Unfortunately, most college students and their institutions are unaware that these programs exist and that they may be eligible for them.
  • Moreover, few utility companies appear to be marketing these programs to students.