OhmConnect Energy

OhmConnect is one of our top providers when it comes to participating in demand response. They have had tremendous success in California with consumers actively using their smart devices to reduce their consumption in high-use periods.

OhmConnect Energy

The newest retail electricity provider in Texas, OhmConnect Energy (OCE), has entered the market with a unique business proposition: pay Texans to save energy. OCE offers a unique, innovative demand response platform that is as rewarding as it is sustainable. In return for their energy-saving efforts, OCE gives its customers reward points that can be turned into cash, converted into credits on their electricity bills, entered into prize drawings, or used to buy smart devices that further reduce their energy use. This saves customers money while relieving pressure on the Texas grid. When customers participate in OCE's events - typically one hour long - they can reduce their annual energy bill by 10-15%, but there are no limits to a customer's earning potential. The more you participate, the more you can lower your electric bill and earn rewards!



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