Cirro Energy

Cirro Energy, Ranchero Power and Amigo Energy have generally all gone after similar markets. What makes Cirro unique is that Cirro has the full backing of NRG (Reliant Energy) so expect that level of quality to ripple into the user experience with them.

Cirro Energy

Since 2001, Cirro has provided Texans with affordable, easy, and hassle-free energy. With the Cirro Energy app, you can keep up with your electricity service straight from your phone - at home or out and about. Now that’s convenient! As a subsidiary of NRG, Cirro invests in the Texas community, sponsoring events at the Fort Worth Zoo and supporting the KERA public broadcasting organization in North Texas. They also sponsor a holiday train exhibit that funds the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas and Minnie’s Food Pantry, which provides food assistance to children and families in need. Sign up today to save money and play a part in these Cirroic acts!


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