Electricity providers you can sign up for through our applications

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APG&E is a middle of the fairway provider - they don't have any bells or whistles on any of their plans. You'll have to use a web browser to pay your bills but if that doesn't scare you, we definitely recommend.

Some folks like Amigo relative to Cirro and Ranchero. Their pricing generally comes in lower to those brands.

Arrow is an exciting new provider in Texas that is focused on delivering 100% renewable plans with no time of use or minimum usage components.

Constellation is extremely well known in the Northeast and has made real strides to advance on Reliant / TXU here in Texas. Rates are similar to Reliant / TXU but that is to be expected considering their premium status.

Energy Texas burst onto the scene with extremely innovative plans including their Freedom Flex offering that allows users to switch rate plan if market changes with no fees.

Energy To Go is a multifamily targeted brand that has done extremely well in college towns. They have done a good job of bringing rates down over time which is exciting news for consumers.

Good Charlie has extremely low rates and by all reports, great service. They've really carved out a niche by supporting the Texas dog community and this is an exciting new provider to follow in the space!

Green Mountain is one of the pioneers when it comes to renewable energy plans. They are an affiliate of Reliant and will generally have more expensive plans - that said, they have excellent customer service which should be a good draw for consumers.

This is a well known brand that has had a major comeback in recent years due to pricing and product. They have invested a lot into their user journey and it shows.

Lone Star's plans are focused on simplicity. Lone Star offers fixed-rate, 12-, 24-, or 36-month plans.

New Power Texas is a newer brand that has seen quite a bit of popularity from recent college grads - notably the zip codes that surround the Heights' bar district in Houston, close to McIntrye's, Austin Bar, and Drift. We love what they're doing and think they will continue to grow.

OhmConnect is one of our top providers when it comes to participating in demand response. They have had tremendous success in California with consumers actively using their smart devices to reduce their consumption in high-use periods.

Ranks as one of the lowest cost providers that we see in the market. Feedback has been mixed from consumers but hard to beat their pricing.

Pulse Power has a done a remarkable job in the past few years leveraging new technologies to improve the user experience of their platform. Their enrollment journey is surprisingly simple which users have reported as a plus.

Reliant is a well known brand but are easily one of the most expensive. The reality is their plans are for people who can afford to spend more than average on electricity - everyone else should look elsewhere.

If you like Green, pick Rhythm. They're 100% renewable and pride themselves on energy and cost savings for their customers. Interested in Solar? Rhythm will provide you a free estimate to see if solar is right for you and your home.

Everyone knows Shell Energy because of their gas stations but now people are realizing they also have an electricity platform. They have made a splash with their sponsorship of the Houston Dynamo stadium as well as their purchase of Pulse Power and its subsidiary brands. They are a renewable focused provider with a slate of innovative plans for consumers.

Summer Energy is a no-nonsense provider with affordable rates across all plan durations. They operate in 6 different states with Texas being their largest market.

Tara Energy is a solid provider with low rates. No special technology or anything but that isnt a big deal for a lot of folks. They have done well in the Sugarland area of Houston and have expanded well in recent years.

Extremely competitive rates across the board (12, 24, and 36+ mo). Customers are into it. One of the most popular brands on Nu with great momentum coming into 2023.

Varsity Energy has been a crowd favorite amongst renters - they only offer a fixed-rate 12 month plan that has generally been lower than the market.

Providers that are not currently supported by the Nutiliti platform... Working on adding!

Product name, logo, brands, and other trademarks featured or referred to within Nutiliti for purposes of description and identification are the property of their respective trademark holders and are used for purposes of description and identification

Offer lower priced electricity rates than the market with the unique aspect of 4% of bill payments going to charities.

Prepaid provider that competes with Payless Power.

Claim to fame has been their multi-level marketing distribution which has been copied by several other providers. Rates generally come in higher than the average primarily because Ambit needs to pay the person who referred you the plan.

Out of the renewable energy providers in the space, Branch Energy ranks in top 3 consistently. They are a technology focused REP with leadership spinning out of famed government tech company, Palantir.

Another leading brand in the energy markets in Texas. They value customers and pride themselves on delivering transparent fixed rate products. Excellent service from a familiar brand has been a recipe for success for Champion. We'd love to have them on Nutiliti!

Chariot is unique in that we generally don't see their rates on PowertoChoose - the users that have enrolled with Chariot mention that they were drawn to Chariot's low rates and renewable plans. We have seen great feedback all around.

Cirro Energy, Ranchero Power and Amigo Energy have generally all gone after similar markets. What makes Cirro unique is that Cirro has the full backing of NRG (Reliant Energy) so expect that level of quality to ripple into the user experience with them.

CleanSky Energy is a renewable focused provider that has expanded well in Texas. They have done a good job of lowering their pricing overall. Consumers can select specific type of renewable energy (wind, solar) which is cool.

Similar platform to OhmConnect but slightly behind in terms of market penetration. Recently launched in Texas and is on PowertoChoose.

Direct Energy's rates are higher than the average but given their outstanding customer service, we see a lot of users happily pay the premium. Owned by NRG now.

NRG acquired this brand a few years back to offer a discount platform. Their rates have steadily risen since then so less appealing to some consumers.

Really low rates but other than that nothing to get too excited about.

Flagship Power has a number of plans ranging from 12-36 months long and feature some 100% renewable energy plans as well! They are a newer provider that looks to be working out some of the kinks based on reviews on Yelp / Google reviews.

Frontier Utilities is a subsidiary brand of Gexa Energy with extremely competitive rates. They are one of few providers that offers a mobile app for bill management.

Gexa Energy has improved their overall customer experience but still challenged by the variable / complex plans that result in lot of consumer complaints.

Rates are extremely high. Interested to see if there is any reasoning to support the price point.

A subsidiary of Utility Rescue Holdings, Inc., (also owns Flagship Power) - JUICE is their newest energy brand, JUICE, which is focused on time-of-use products for the ERCOT market. As we don't support time-of-use product on our platform we don't currently support them.

One of the largest electricity providers in the U.K - Octopus Energy has brought their brand to Texas. They are extremely tech forward and also offer products that allow consumers to engage with the grid to reduce their bill.

Newly formed retail electric provider, focused on residential, commercial and industrial retail electricity solutions initially serving the Texas - ERCOT market. They are backed by a leading energy private equity fund, Arclight Capital. Launched their friends and family plans on March 1st - compelling rates with no gimmicks.

A good prepaid electricity provider that intends to roll out fixed-rate / no time of use rates in the coming months!

Quext, is a technology and software company backed by Madera Residential a multifamily property manager with over 15,000 units. Their suite of products include internet of things, digital human customer support, broadband internet, fintech solutions and now a retail electricity provider.

Revolution Energy talks about no rate changes or surprises, yet they still are showing usage dependent rates on their website. They are a newer provider so we'll give benefit of the doubt but we're wary on this one!

SWP&L is a classic, just like your grandpa's old truck. Straightforward fixed plans, no gimmicks. You get what you get. Let's just say GenZ isn't onboard

We don't have many customers currently on Spark Energy. If you go to google reviews its a warzone - lots of complaints about customer service as well as complaints on door to door salesmen tricking users into switching.

Exclusive energy offering by Tesla available only to Tesla Powerwall owners. Somehow Musk finds his way into every industry.

Texpo is interesting, we've heard good things but heard bad things as well. Seems to be hit or miss with most folks trending towards miss. TexPo doesn't do a great job of letting users know their rate is about to expire which has resulted in a lot of angry customers.

Has been getting hammered by negative reviews primarily around random fees and lack of billing flexibility.

Parent company of Texpo Energy. Mixed reviews from users given their older technology stack.