June Homes manages activations and recovers utility costs with Nutiliti


Every aspect of utility management, from recouping those expenses from residents to paying their properties’ utility invoices, was riddled with inefficiencies.

They were not billing residents for utility expenses, which meant residents weren't incentivized to monitor consumption at their units.

On the accounts payable side, June Homes also needed assistance auditing and paying utility invoices, which were being managed entirely in-house.


June Homes decided to sign up for Nutiliti , an end-to-end utility management platform that includes automated utility accounts payable and utility expense recovery.

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Aside from encouraging conservation through billing residents for their utility usage, their new Utility Resident Billing program enables a better resident experience and a streamlined payment process.

June Homes

June Homes is a proptech startup that’s challenging outdated practices to improve the rental experience for tenants and small mom-and-pop landlords. Founded by serial real estate entrepreneur Daniel Mishin, June Homes has created a substantially better renters experience. Members can discover, apply and move into their new home in as little as 3 hours, with no broker fees, fair market prices and 24/7 in-app messaging support. On the landlord side, June is a turn-key partner that guarantees long-term building occupancy while decreasing their expenses (no broker fees, no management fees, fewer vacancies). June Homes has served thousands of tenants across NYC, DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Boston. The company has raised $50M in total funding from investors including SoftBank Ventures Asia and Demi Lovato (musician and human rights activist). For more information or to rent with June Homes, please visit


NYC, DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Boston


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