Judwin Properties Streamlines Residents' Electricity Experience


The Complicated Electricity Sign-up Process

For many residents, the process of selecting and enrolling in an electricity plan was overwhelming and confusing. They had difficulty navigating the numerous available plans, determining which ones were good or bad, and remembering to share their confirmation details with the property management team. This cumbersome process negatively impacted the overall move-in experience for Judwin Properties' residents.


Partnering with Nutiliti's Energy Choice Marketplace

To streamline the electricity sign-up process and improve the resident experience, Judwin Properties decided to collaborate with Nutiliti. Nutiliti's Energy Choice platform provides residents with a user-friendly and efficient way to explore, compare, and enroll in electricity plans. Some of the key features and benefits of Nutiliti's platform include:

  1. Access to 100+ fixed-rate plans: Nutiliti offers a wide range of electricity plans, eliminating gimmicky and confusing options. This ensures that residents have access to reliable and transparent plans.
  2. Easy filtering and comparison: Nutiliti's platform allows residents to filter plans based on various factors such as price, reviews, and more. This simplifies the decision-making process and helps residents find the best plan for their needs.
  3. Convenient enrollment: Residents can effortlessly enroll in their chosen electricity plan directly through Nutiliti's platform. This saves time and reduces the stress associated with the sign-up process.
  4. No cost to residents or property managers: Nutiliti's Energy Choice marketplace is provided at no cost to residents or property managers, making it an attractive solution for all parties.
  5. Lower rates: Nutiliti negotiates lower rates for their clients, ensuring that residents have access to more affordable electricity options than those found on providers' websites.
  6. Automated confirmation submissions: Nutiliti automatically submits proof of electricity confirmation details to the onsite team, eliminating the need for residents to remember to send this information manually.
  7. Push notifications for renewal: Nutiliti sends push notifications to residents when their current plan is about to expire, making it easy for them to switch to the most affordable option available.
  8. Ancillary income: generate over $25 per unit based on electricity enrollments while offering below market rates to resident

Why is it a Win-Win-WIn?


Receive relevant plan offers from variety of providers, uniquely available on the platform and lower than accessible on provider website.

Retail Electricity Providers

Drive higher enrollments through multi-brand, multi-product digital offering that is less expensive than buying billboards on I-10 to market their plans.

Property Manager  

Increase ancillary revenue while delivering best-in-class resident and leasing team experience with automated proof of electricity notification.

Results: A Streamlined and Improved Resident Experience

By partnering with Nutiliti, Judwin Properties successfully addressed the challenges associated with the electricity sign-up process. Residents now enjoy a seamless, stress-free move-in experience, and the property management team benefits from streamlined processes and increased resident satisfaction. Nutiliti's Energy Choice marketplace has proven to be a valuable solution for Judwin Properties, enabling them to continue focusing on their core mission of optimizing the resident experience at move-in.

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