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Make money when your friends sign up. It's that easy!

Do you have friends that are still using venmo to split their bills? If so, we've got good news: The Nutiliti Ambassador Program makes it easy to earn some extra cash through word-of-mouth referrals, or through social media conversions. Cash that could be used for, well, paying your utility bills. (You could also use it for other things…we guess.)

The nitty-gritty: You can can earn up to $30 commission per house referred to Nutiliti from a tracked link placed on your profile or through direct referral promo code. You're paid the once the house has been a customer for a full month.

Why Become a Nutiliti Ambassador?

Paid Nutilinaut Role

Incentive commissions based on various conversion metrics (downloads, house sign-ups, emissions reduced)

Top ambassadors will join the management team on the annual Nutiliti ski trip

Grassroots Marketing and Events Experience

Opportunities to participate in creative marketing challenges with various prizes (Cash awards or tickets to events like ACL or Outside Lands)

Personal and Professional Mentorship

Ongoing coaching and professional development support from the founders (Alumni of Morgan Stanley Private Equity / Goldman Sachs Investment Banking / Accenture Consulting / Microsoft)

The ease of utility setup all in one place

Eliminate frustrating phone calls to utility companies

"Setting up our utilities was the last thing we wanted to do during a hectic move."
Ryan C. - Austin, Texas

Universities with Nutiliti Ambassadors*

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